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Fitness Center

Newly Renovated!!!!

Hours of Operation:
7 Days a week: 6:30am-6:00pm
6:00pm-9:00pm: obtain a key from Security Department
(There will be no evening operating hours on Sundays as the gym will be closed for cleaning)

1.     The Association recommends that you seek the advice of your physician before commencing any exercise routine.

2.     The participant assumes any and all risks of injury with or in any manner related to his or her use of or presence upon the fitness center premises, including injury resulting from the negligent use of the facility or equipment.
3.      Owners or guests must be at least 16 years old to enter and utilize the facility. Participants are only permitted in the fitness center when working out. Loiterers will be issued citations.

4.     All participants must fill out a release form. You are only required to do this once per year.

5.     There will be an attendant scheduled from 8:30am to 4:30pm daily during the summer season. When the attendant is present first aid is available. If you require first aid after 4:30pm please call security at 842-6889

6.     Shirts and Sneakers must be worn at all times when using the facility. Bare feet, sandals and slippers are not permitted.

7.     When the facility is crowded your machine use is to be limited to hour.

8.     Once your workout is complete, please clean your equipment using the sanitizing wipe stations provided and return all equipment to its designated area.

9.     If you obtained a key from security you must return it the same night or a fee of $25.00 in the form of a citation will be imposed.

10.     Pets are not permitted in the facility at any time.

11.     Children are not permitted in the facility at any time.

12.     These premises are monitored by video surveillance at all times.

13.     Management has the right to deny access to the facility if deemed necessary.

Important Information

Location: Clubhouse

Hours: See above